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Agenda for Sustainable Development, an agenda for global action for the next 1. All goals are integrated and indivisible, therefore their achievement is also fully dependent on ensuring parallel and interconnected implementation of the efforts to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls.

For this reason, throughout 2. TE campaign through its Orange Days will highlight specific Sustainable Development Goals as they relate to violence against women and girls.

This Orange Day, 2. May, the UNi. Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all SDG 6 recognizes the interdependence of access to water and sanitation and development.

It aims to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2. It also aims to achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations.

November 2. Water and Sanitation and Violence against Women and Girls Access to water and sanitation services are human rights that are experienced differently by men and women.

The lack of access to drinking water and sanitation affects women impacting their health and dignity, contributing to their vulnerability, and thereby frustrating efforts to empower women to lead a healthy and economically productive life.

Women and girls and other at- risk groups without water supplies and toilets within their homes are potentially vulnerable to sexual violence when travelling to and from public facilities, when using public facilities and when they have to defecate in the open in the absence of any amenities.

Women and girls are frequently subjected to unacceptable risks of violence, including sexual violence, while accessing water and sanitation facilities.

Understanding the special needs of women and girls is essential in the selection and design of providing water and sanitation facilities and programmes to minimize the risks from violence and allow women and girls to access services with dignity.

In situations of emergency, if there is insufficient water during drought for instance , women and girls may be punished for returning home empty- handed or for returning home late after waiting in line for hours.

This, in turn, may place them at a higher risk of gender- based violence in the future. Women and girls may also face the risk of violence when trying to access public toilets.

Where there are no toilets, women and girls may defecate in the open at night or during the day and may face sexual harassment and indignity from the lack of privacy.

In both urban and rural contexts, women and girls often experience sexual harassment when going to the toilet. Given the taboos around defecation and menstruation and the frequent lack of privacy, women and girls may prefer to use sanitation facilities or bathing units under the cover of darkness.

They may even delay drinking and eating in order to wait until nightfall to relieve themselves.

However, using these facilities after dark puts women and girls at further risk. Initiatives to provide safe access to water and sanitation for women and girls.

Guidelines and reports recently issued by the United Nations have affirmed the link between lack of access to water and sanitation, and violence against women and girls.

The United Nations and its agencies have been working with Member States and partners to address this issue though advocacy, building an evidence base on the issue, by strengthening research and providing technical assistance.

There are a number of examples of programmes which seek to address violence against women and girls in the context of accessing water and sanitation, including the following.

Women public toilets of the Gerehu market after refurbishment. Over 2. Gender sensitization trainings have been conducted with toilet operators in 2.

In Nepal, following the implementation of a World Food Programme project on the installation of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, women interviewed recognized that the project addressed their needs and that their health and living conditions, as well as those of their community, improved notably because these facilities reduced the time required for women to collect water and access the facilities more safely.

World Humanitarian Summit — Istanbul, Turkey, 2. May, 2. Five thousand participants from Member States, international organizations, international and national non- governmental organizations and other stakeholders will attend the Summit.

Five core commitments have been proposed for discussion during the Summit. Suggested Orange Day Activities Wear orange on 2.

May to show your support for ending violence against women and girls. Host an online or offline event to discuss the link between water and sanitation and violence against women and girls.

Explore how the new global development agenda can help end violence against women and girls and promote their access to water and sanitation.

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A Mass for Peace - Agnus Dei Stravinsky - Ave Maria Bernstein - Chichester Psalms Lloyd Webber - Pie Jesu Prizeman Libera - Voca Me Kashif - Ave Maria Gorecki - Totus Tuus Part - Magnificat Rachmaninov - Ave Maria Tavener - Song for Athene Burgon - Nunc Dimitis Rutter - Requiem Barber - Agnus Dei Franco Corelli - Quando Le Sere Alfredo Kraus - Questo E Quella Franco Corelli - Di Quella Pira De'miei Ballenti Spiriti Nicolai Gedda - Di'tu Se Fedele

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Der Stählerne Wächter

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Der Stählerne Wächter Video

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