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Alvin und die Chipmunks ist eine von Ross Bagdasarian erfundene Musikgruppe. Die Gruppe besteht aus drei anthropomorphen singenden Streifenhörnchen mit den Namen Alvin, Simon und Theodore. Gemanagt werden die drei von ihrem menschlichen Ziehvater. Alvin und die Chipmunks (engl. Alvin and the Chipmunks) ist eine von Ross Bagdasarian erfundene Musikgruppe. Die Gruppe besteht aus drei. Alvin ist der älteste der Chipmunks und sehr musikalisch. Er ist total von seinen Plänen überzeugt, auch wenn sie oft zu Chaos führen. Er hat vor nichts Angst. Bei "Alvin und die Chipmunks", der neuen Serie bei SUPER RTL, dreht sich alles um die drei kleinen Streifenhörnchen Alvin, Simon und Theodore, die bei. Laufzeit: 87 Min. "Alvin und die Chipmunks 2" Nachdem ihr Ersatzvater Dave nach einem Unfall im Krankenhaus liegt, bekommen Chipmunk Alvin und seine.

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Bei "Alvin und die Chipmunks", der neuen Serie bei SUPER RTL, dreht sich alles um die drei kleinen Streifenhörnchen Alvin, Simon und Theodore, die bei. pernillawahlgrencollection.se: Alvin und die Chipmunks 2 (+Rio-Activity Disc) [Blu-ray] [Import allemand]: Movies & TV. Chip ahoi! Alvin, Simon, Theodore und die Chipettes machen zusammen mit Dave Urlaub an Bord eines Luxuskreuzers und - wie immer - ist niemand vor den​. alvin chipmunks Fortsetzung von The Alvin Show. Learn more here 78 14 Wo. US 9 Wo. Naked cote de pablo unter der Federführung von Ross Bagdasarian jr. US 6 Gold 33 Wo. Dezember auch in den deutschen Kinos erschienen. Eine erste Präsentation bei Ian läuft aber schief und auch als Amors Gehilfen sind Alvin und Konsorten wenig erfolgreich. Bad Transformers 2 german stream. US 95 2 Wo. Alvin and the Chipmunks ist eine von Ross Bagdasarian erfundene Musikgruppe.

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Dieser Film ist …. Der Ausdruck chipmunk voiced hat Eingang in den englischen Sprachgebrauch gefunden und bezeichnet allgemein eine künstlich erzeugte höhere Stimme. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. US 33 5 Wo. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Bekleidung: "ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon. pernillawahlgrencollection.se - Compra Alvin und die Chipmunks 2 (+ DVD) (inkl. Digital Copy) a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la​. Alvin, Simon und Theodore verbreiten Chaos und natürlich ganz viel Spaß, was immer sie auch tun. Nicht einmal ihr liebevoller Ziehvater Dave kann den. Alvin ist der mittelste Bruder der drei Chipmunks Größe: ca. cm. Alvin und die Chipmunks. (36)1h 31minX-Ray0. Alvin, Simon und Theodore sind so verschieden wie Streifenhörnchen nur sein können! Durch ein.

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Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip

He often makes up crazy schemes to achieve his goals, whether it be trying to help his brothers, keeping Dave from figuring something out, or getting out of a sticky situation.

Alvin seems to refer to his often crazy plans as "challenging the ordinary". He is proud of his fame and often comes off as vain, but Alvin does have a kind heart and loves his brothers very much, often proving that his heart speaks louder than his voice.

He is also not ashamed to admit when he is wrong and will help others when the time comes. There are times when Alvin displays true selflessness, such as when he gave his golden Echo harmonica to a sick boy at Christmas and when he helped Theodore get Nathan, a bully, off his back for a while.

Also, it's sometimes suggested that Alvin does not have an opinion so high as he seems. Certain episodes as Alvin in Analysis and The Wall deepen Alvin as a secretly insecure individual who depends on his popularity and fame to prop up his ego.

He is shown to be in love with Brittany, although they often quarrel with each other, but they look out for each other when things look bad.

He sometimes struggles with her to prove who is the better, such as when he and Brittany each ran for class president at their school in the animated series, but he is often kind to her and is implied to have a crush on her.

He sometimes displays affection for Brittany such as hugging her, kissing her hand or cheeks, and comforting her when she is upset.

Like his brothers, Alvin was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. In the animated series and film, he was voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Jr.

On July 30, , Alvin was No. Simon is the tallest and the middle brother of the Chipmunks. In addition to having an IQ above that of Albert Einstein , Simon possesses a dry sense of humor and a keen wit.

He wears glasses and blue attire and has blue eyes a trait he shares with Alvin. Simon is an enthusiastic scientist, with his own laboratory in the basement of the Chipmunks' house, and is known to read classical literature as well as science texts.

Simon is kind, gentle, logical, responsible, and at times poetic, and often takes charge when Alvin goes too far with his harebrained schemes.

Although Simon tends to disagree and argue with Alvin, he truly loves his brother and sticks by him despite everything.

Simon tends to hold grudges, but these are often short-lived as he knows that he should be more forgiving. Simon plays the bass, bass clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, tuba, and drums, among others.

In vocal harmonies, he consistently sings the lower parts due to having a deeper voice than his brothers. He is shown playing the keyboard in the original open for the s series.

Simon is often implied to have a crush on Jeanette, as she is like him in many details: wearing glasses and blue or purple attire and having a high IQ, possibly rivaling his own.

However, he seems braver in standing up to siblings than her because Jeanette does not often stand up for herself when Brittany pushes her around.

But like Simon to Alvin, Jeanette shares a sisterly bond with Brittany. Simon and Jeanette are rather shy around each other and are not very open with their feelings, but Simon does display physical affection for Jeanette, including catching her when she falls, holding her hand, and giving her hugs.

Like his brothers, Simon was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. Theodore is the youngest of the Chipmunks.

In short, he is an easy target for Alvin's tricks. He wears green attire and has green eyes brown in the CGI animated series.

Theodore is often caught in the middle when Alvin and Simon get into an argument. He has a big appetite, constantly craving snacks and in one episode, Theodore tried to eat Alvin's hand because of his hunger.

He plays the drums, the guitar, and other instruments. In vocal harmonies, his voice is typically the highest.

He is fragile yet unpredictable and not very brave, but he will put on a brave face when his brothers are in trouble.

At times, he is childish and Alvin's follower, but he is also the glue that binds his brothers despite Alvin and Simon's differences. Although he is sometimes teased by Alvin, Theodore loves his big brother and knows that Alvin loves him too.

He seems to have affection for Eleanor, who shares physical traits with him, but she is smarter, braver and more athletic.

They each have a passion for the culinary arts, as Theodore is seen baking Christmas cookies in some Christmas episodes.

This also applies to Eleanor, but she is able to stand for herself and wishes that Theodore would do the same. Like his brothers, he was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr.

Brittany is the lead singer and is the middle sister of the Chipettes evidenced in the s episode "May the Best Chipmunk Win" , and is the female counterpart of Alvin.

She wears pink attire and has red hair often drawn up in a ponytail and has blue eyes. Brittany is considerably beautiful, self-centered, ambitious, and vain, but she does have a kind side and is loyal to her sisters, Jeanette and Eleanor.

Brittany is often trying to look pretty and desires to make herself popular or get what she wants, but she does learn her lessons and is willing to do the right thing.

Brittany often displays affection for Alvin as they are alike in many ways. Although she and Alvin are often quarrelsome with each other and often compete over who is the better, she does stick by his side in tough situations and deep down, she and Alvin do love each other.

Brittany pushes Jeanette around a lot and takes advantage of her kindness, but deep down, they love each other very much and care about each other, proving that Brittany does have a gentle side.

Eleanor always stands up to Brittany when she tries to push Jeanette around, but they do share a strong sisterly relationship. Jeanette is the middle sister and smartest of the Chipettes, as well as the tallest.

Like Simon, she wears glasses and purple attire. She has brown hair in a bun in the '80s show and a short ponytail in the recent films. In personality, Jeanette is intelligent, gentle, kind, compassionate, and attractive.

She cares about Simon and gets along with him very well, although the two of them are very shy about their relationship.

She is often pushed around by Brittany, but she loves her sister and knows that Brittany loves her too.

Jeanette tries to be her best, but she is shy and often viewed as clumsy, as she does have a habit of tripping over her own feet.

Still, she is beloved by her sisters and finds companionship with their guardian, Miss Miller. Eleanor is the youngest of the Chipettes.

She has a lot in common with Theodore in terms of body shape and color of attire, but she is braver, more fit and has a better memory.

She is blonde with pigtails and has brown eyes in the 80's show, which changed to green in the more recent appearances.

Eleanor is kind, sweet, trusting, courteous, and fairly pretty. She shares Theodore's love of the culinary arts.

She is the bassist for the Chipettes. Eleanor often stands up to Brittany when she pushes Jeanette around, but she loves her middle sister and is always willing to forgive.

She seems to have affection for Theodore and they are the two most open about their relationship. Like him, Eleanor is sensitive about her weight and does not like to be insulted for it, but she often stands up for herself and wishes to help Theodore gain self-confidence.

David "Dave" Seville is a quick-tempered yet kind and somewhat insecure songwriter for the musical trio and Chipmunks' adoptive father and confidant.

While Dave struggles to remain calm and objective, Alvin often irritates him, causing Dave to yell "Alvin! He has short black hair and brown eyes.

In the original incarnations of the group including the original recordings and The Alvin Show he is portrayed by Alvin and the Chipmunks creator Ross Bagdasarian Sr.

In the — revival of the show, he is portrayed by Ross Bagdasarian Jr. For the series of films produced from to , he is portrayed by Jason Lee.

In the — animated series , it is revealed that Dave first found the Chipmunks as infants abandoned on the doorstep of his old cottage.

In addition he had important songs to write or else he'd lose his job. On top of that, Dave's landlord is a nasty man who even tries to kill the Chipmunks.

However, Dave eventually hears their amazing singing voices and records them, making their song a hit and with the money they earn they manage to move into a large house, which Dave owns and live happily together as one big family.

The mother of the Chipmunks has made a few guest appearances, to check on her boys to see how they are doing, and Dave had to acquaint her with urban ways.

In the film, the visuals and history established in the animated show, are totally rebooted. Dave first discovers the boys eating food in his cabinets and he panics and throws them out.

He later changes his mind and allows them into his home upon them showing their singing talent. However, the Chipmunks find an old letter and mistakenly think Dave does not want them anymore so they go to live with Ian Hawke, their conniving music producer; he begins to miss the boys and frees them from Ian.

He welcomes the Chipmunks into his home and eventually he starts to love them like his own children. However, in the sequel Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel , Dave plays a minor role in the film, mainly due to his being in the hospital in Paris.

This happened due to Alvin accidentally causing a billboard to crash into him and he is sent flying across the room and is severely injured, so he is placed in intensive care.

He is rarely seen in the film. His cousin Toby acts as both a main character and the Chipmunks' temporary guardian.

Dave appears at the end of the film watching his boys and the Chipettes perform together. Dave appears for a third time in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked , where he, the Chipmunks and Chipettes board a cruise ship heading to the International Music Awards.

He gets upset with Alvin, Simon and the Chipettes for leaving their cabin room for their own reasons.

Later, he teams up with his old enemy, Ian , to find the Chipmunks and Chipettes when the six get blown away while hang-gliding a kite. He and Ian find them and leave the island with them before its volcano erupts.

He later watches his family perform at the International Music Awards; he is last seen on an airplane with them heading for home. In the fourth film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip , Dave now owns a music record company, and moves to a new home with the Chipmunks and Chipettes.

Upset from Alvin throwing a surprise birthday bash, to his dismay, he decides to take his lover, Samantha, to Florida for one of his client's album release parties, instead of taking the Chipmunks.

Dave, for most of the movie, is at Florida, having dinners with Samantha. After being suspected of going to propose to her, Dave is unwittingly sabotaged by Miles and the Chipmunks.

He also gets upset, as the Chipmunks presumed, ruining his coworker's proposal, and for causing much trouble on their trip to stop him. Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Miles perform for Dave as an apology, during his client's album release, finally mending the ruined proposal of Dave's coworker.

Back to Los Angeles, Dave adopts the boys, and is last seen yelling Alvin's name after he finds his home wrecked. Ian is played by comedian David Cross and serves as the main antagonist in the first two films.

One day, the Chipmunks sneak off to his home to audition, whereupon he automatically signs them on to the label. He rockets them to the top of the music business but after seeing how much they are truly worth, he attempts to lure them away from Dave for his own profit.

His plan ultimately fails, as the Chipmunks have learned of it and escaped from his grasp, thus leaving him to be ousted from his job as CEO of Jett Records.

In the second film , Ian is now unemployable, in debt, and lives in the basement of Jett Records stating that he lost everything except his dignity.

However, he happens upon the Chipettes who want to be famous like the Chipmunks, and cannot wait to make them famous, so he takes them in, in hopes of getting his sworn revenge on the Chipmunks.

He enrolls the Chipettes into the same school as the Chipmunks, and after showing Dr. Rubin Wendie Malick their talent, she agrees to let them battle the Chipmunks for the right to represent the school for the district's music competition.

However, in the climax, Ian decides to blow off the competition to have the Chipettes to perform at a Britney Spears concert, and takes them by force, threatening to take them to a barbecue restaurant if they will not comply.

Alvin saves the Chipettes from Ian, who then tries to imitate them at the Britney Spears concert, only to get thrown into a dumpster by security guards, losing everything again, including his dignity.

Ian makes his third and final appearance in the third film. Here, Ian has mellowed and now works on the Carnival Dream cruise ship, dressed in a pelican suit because record labels are not interested in hiring him for ruining the concert of the Chipmunks, the Chipettes and for passing on Justin Bieber twice.

As a well-respected mascot, he takes his job very seriously and threatens to have Dave and the Chipmunks removed from the ship if they continue to act up.

However, he becomes Dave's friend again while helping him find the Chipmunks after they were marooned on the island. In the end, he gets his wealth back by starting a career as a screenwriter, having sold a screenplay about Zoe's story to Hollywood.

However, he did not appear in the fourth film. Claire is Dave's ex-girlfriend who adores the Chipmunks after she finally gets to meet them.

She becomes good friends with Dave again by the end of the movie, despite this, she is nowhere to be found in the sequels.

She is played by Cameron Richardson. Dave's immature and very careless second cousin who appeared in the second film. Toby is a slacker who loves to play video games and still lives with his grandmother and Dave's aunt, Jackie Seville, until he figures out what he wants to do with his life.

Toby's immaturity keeps him from acting like an adult although he seems to take on some responsibility in the middle of the film , and he has a crush on the Chipmunks' homeroom and music teacher, Julie Ortega Anjelah Johnson , ever since he went to the same school as the Chipmunks.

He is played by Zachary Levi. Zoe is a deluded and kindhearted castaway who was found by the Chipmunks when they end up being marooned on an island that she took refuge.

She claims to be on the island for eight or nine years. At first, she was believed to have crash-landed on the island, but it turns out that she intentionally came there to look for treasure.

She is played by former SNL actress Jenny Slate and is the main antagonist-turned anti-hero of the third film. He is an air marshal who personally despises the Chipmunks for being dumped by his girlfriend and plots to hunt them down and have revenge.

He first appears on an airplane where Theodore releases a monkey from a cage, who releases several other animals. Suggs confronts the Chipmunks and gets attacked by the animals.

He next encounters Alvin at a bar and fights him, but the Chipmunks escape. He then chases them, but runs into a sign and gets knocked out.

When he finds them at a musical parade he tries to catch them, but gets hit by a trombone slide and then gets drunk.

He wakes up in a room with a man and finds a tattoo on his stomach and another one of the Chipmunks on his back. He goes to a rental car station and urges a man to get him the fastest car he has got to find the Chipmunks, but it is a yellow and sort of slow car.

He initially is embarrassed, but accepts the car. He then finds the Chipmunks in a hotel and catches them in an elevator, but the Chipmunks defeat him by hitting the emergency stop button and leaving him trapped inside.

During the mid-credits, he is released by a maid and is escorted to a pool. He then gets confronted by a man who tells him to move, but Suggs refuses and is subsequently carried out by two guards.

He is presumably fired as air marshal for harassing the Chipmunks. He is similar to Ian Hawke. He is portrayed by Tony Hale.

She first appears at a miniature golf course with her son Miles who is later introduced into the movie. Her occupation is a doctor.

She is portrayed by Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The kindly, absent-minded adoptive mother of the Chipettes. She occasionally babysits the Chipmunks and has a crush on Dave, even though she's old enough to be his mother.

In her youth, she was part of an all-girl singing group called the Thrillers. She appeared in the TV series and was voiced by Dody Goodman.

The character, but now known as Miss Miller, is the one of the Liberty Lane neighbors in the animated series.

His was the only voice heard in many of the episodes, because the other character in the series was his assistant Leonardo, who only whispered into Clyde's ear to communicate with him.

In one episode, though, Clyde invented a wife, voiced by June Foray. Clyde had one of the four segments, and the Chipmunks starred in the other three two of which were musical segments.

In the episode "Crashcup Invents the Birthday Party", Foray provided the all too audible voice for the mother of Crashcup's inaudible assistant, Leonardo.

Clyde Crashcup was primarily an inventor rather than a researcher, although he tended to "invent" things which had already been invented.

However, in one episode, he built a functioning time machine. He typically would invent something by taking a pencil out of his lab coat's pocket and drawing a picture in midair of his conception: the picture would then become the actual object.

The Chipmunks' voices were recorded at half the normal tape speed onto audiotape by voice talent on the 60's records, generally Ross Bagdasarian Sr.

When the tape was played back at normal speed, they would sound a full octave higher in pitch, at normal tempo.

The technique was by no means new to the Chipmunks. For example, the high- and low-pitched characters in The Wizard of Oz were achieved by speeding up and slowing down vocal recordings.

Now, the same effect is created digitally and in real time with a pitch shift. However, the extensive use of this technique with the Chipmunks, coupled with their popularity, linked this technique to them.

The term "chipmunk-voiced" has entered the American vernacular to describe any artificially high-pitched voice. The instrumental portions of the song are sped up as well, however, making it obvious that the music is being played at the wrong speed.

Bagdasarian recorded vocals and music at different speeds to combine properly on his recording. Guitarist Les Paul said he visited Bagdasarian's studio in and helped with the recording.

The technique was used extensively in the British puppet show Pinky and Perky , which pre-dated the Chipmunks. The technique also appears in the "Yeah!

Prince used the technique on several of his songs, as well as Frank Zappa on We're Only in It for the Money and on the instrumental album Hot Rats , among others.

The Chipmunks , also known as Alvin and the Chipmunks , are a musical group which consists of Alvin , Simon , and Theodore.

The Chipmunks have been known for taking songs in style and munking them. Alvin is the leader of the group and he claims himself the "awesomest" one when in fact that is his way of getting into trouble.

Alvin has often seen wearing a red sweatshirt with a giant yellow 'A' on the front and a red cap. Alvin is not the tallest, like Brittany.

Alvin loves to have fun and is adventurous but he is not cautious. Unlike Brittany, Alvin never loses his temper under every circumstance even if he and the boys face trouble.

Like being stuck on a tropical island in Chipwrecked. However it is noted that he does get mad at Simone for not listening to him.

Simon is the tallest of the boys and the Chipettes. Simon is often been pictured in a blue yellow in the Dell comics sweatshirt, glasses, and often with a book in his hands.

Just like Jeanette , he is the tallest and the smartest, however, he's slightly taller than her.

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alvin chipmunks He later watches his click to see more perform at the International Music Awards; he is last seen on an airplane with them heading for home. He plays the drums, the guitar, and other instruments. In the feature film the chipmunks are living in a tree, fending for themselves as alvin chipmunks parents had taken off to join a hippie source, and having problems gathering nuts for the winter. This also applies to Eleanor, but she is able to stand for herself and wishes that Theodore would https://pernillawahlgrencollection.se/serien-kostenlos-stream/safe-haven-wie-ein-licht-in-der-nacht-ganzer-film-deutsch.php the. There are times when Alvin displays true selflessness, such as when he gave his golden Echo harmonica to a sick boy at Https://pernillawahlgrencollection.se/3d-filme-online-stream-free/kinox-news.php and when he helped Theodore get Nathan, a bully, off his back for a. Go here term "chipmunk-voiced" has entered the American vernacular to describe any artificially high-pitched oquinn terry. In the second filmIan is now unemployable, in debt, and lives in the basement of Jett Records see more that he lost everything click here his dignity. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Bad Day. Es gibt eine deutsche Version des Chipmunk-Songs von US 36 https://pernillawahlgrencollection.se/serien-kostenlos-stream/gegen-die-strgmung.php Wo. US 86 2 Wo. UK 63 4 Wo. Rückblick auf die Not samsung smart tv browser Г¤ndern advise des kontroversen Senders US 62 3 Wo. US 67 2 Wo. Dezember auch in den deutschen Kinos erschienen. Brittany article source, Eleanor und Jeanette waren ebenso wie ihre männlichen Gegenspieler auf eine Gesangskarriere aus und hatten ebenfalls einen menschlichen Begleiter, Miss Miller. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Alvin und die Chipmunks im Fernsehen läuft. Die Gruppe besteht aus link anthropomorphen singenden Streifenhörnchen engl. Rückblick auf die Geschichte des kontroversen Senders Es handelt sich in diesem Visit web page um drei singende Enten. Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Alvin und die Chipmunks: Road Chip 0 1 Std.

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Alvin geb. Das was den Cartoon so ausmacht sind wohl die Coverversionen alter Lieder, die in einer sehr hohen Stimme gesungen werden, als ob die Synchronsprecher Helium eingeatmet haben. Die menschlichen Schauspieler meistern die Interaktion mit den virtuellen Partnern zudem souverän.

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